Friday, February 5, 2016

Coronado Speed Festival...A Chamber Day in Coronado

As the cars roared by during the Coronado Speed Fest, there was a click of my camera...caught it! A Chamber of Commerce shot with San Diego's skyline as the backdrop for a race image.

This is a commission shot of the ex-Jerry Kuhn Camaro, now owned by Mike Gagen. The back story of this image, goes like this. It needed to be an afternoon shot to have the sun radiating off the car, as well as the city skyline. The race group would only run once in that time slot, so I needed to find the location on the track to capture both at the perfect time. The camera speed and aperture was set so it would show a clear background, but blurred wheels and blurred foreground to relay a sense of speed.

Mike had the 24" x 36" image professionally framed, and here it is finished.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Mobile Camera...

It made me feel good to see this old image. So I decided to show it to you, because it has a bike and camera in it. This here was made back in the days when creators were creators, and not some skinny hippie kid who would put a crimp in a sheet of now-a-days ultra-thin sheet metal and call it the day in the design studio.

Actually, the camera looks kinda' like a, Agfa Ansco that I just put on my photo site, you gotta' check it out, here.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sometimes Things Just Click...

I just love it when things are unplanned and go right.

I had taken my camera down to Palm Springs to take some shots at a Porsche RGruppe weekend, and one of the other events going on at the same time was a Cruisin' Association cruise night. One thing led to another, I met some friends, Robert and JoAnne Trinkle with their new gorgeous '32 rod at the cruise and grabbed my camera and snapped this image. The Eight Ball...

The cool thing is, I posted it on Facebook, they emailed me and said they just had to have a print. A 16" x 24" printed on archival metallic paper is on its way to hang in their great room! Sweet!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

That Time of Year...

It's that time of year and I can hear you ask, "What are you thankful for this year, John?" Well, I'm thankful for, number one, my wife's and my health. It also goes without saying, with the volume of emails that all of us receive, I'm thankful for you taking the blog into your lives, I understand, that's a big get. As you probably have noticed, I have changed it over to more of a photography blog showcasing and selling my art. Oh yeah, there will still be some car stories and images, but you can also follow along on my adventures out shooting all types of images that will be used at shows including the Mission Federal Art Walk in April 2016.

So, to all of you, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and I hope you have a safe and very prosperous New Year!

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Very Delightful Night...

You never know when something is gonna' hit you in the face. As a follow up to the small show I did last weekend at the gallery called "Art On 30th"...I had a wonderful surprise, that made the night. No, I didn't sell out, something better. A longtime friend I hadn't seen in years came to visit me to check out my images and say hi.

Bob Lampert on the left.

I would call him the best photographer that I know, bar none. He's also a long time Porsche owner, and I still remember his beautiful longhood. Anyway, here's a little background on Bob Lampert along with some of his very cool images.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Art On 30th

Well it's the Holidays and guess what, I'll be participating in the "Art On 30th" year end sale. Some of my "Vintage" framed prints will be on sale for a very small sum of $99. They're 8" x 12" printed on archival metallic paper, matted. signed, and framed at a size of 18" x 22" with barnwood frames.

So bring your Big Bens (the president on a $100 bill) and take home a piece of original signed artwork. I'll be upstairs in the 30th street gallery in my wife's art studio and while you're there you can check out her awesome paintings.

Saturday night, December 12th, 5:00-8:00 pm.
Art On 30th, 4434 30th Street, San Diego, CA.
Here's a link for more info.

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Short "Thank You"...

Just a short "Thank You" to those of you that have come out to see my B/W images at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park. Thank you!

If you have not seen it yet, here is one on display. How about this for a car port? The show will come down this Monday the 7th. after December Nights.
Click on it to get a hi-res. look. Image, © John Straub

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

San Diego Art Institute Value Scale

As I have headed out for road trips over the past several years, one of the place that I have become intrigued with is the area around the Salton Sea in SoCal. During that time I have been recording, via photography, the drastic conditions related to what has become a very bleak area. It was once called the Rivera of more.

Six of my B/W images from the "Decaying Dreams" series will be on display at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park during "December Nights," with the opening reception November 21st, from 6:00pm-8:00pm. The show runs until December 6th. There were 19 other artists juried into the "Value Scale:SDAI Affordable Art Fair" show, with no work priced over $500.

I'll be at the reception, so I'm inviting you to come by and check out some very cool contemporary art and say hi. If you can't make it that night, be sure to make it sometime between those dates.

If you would like to see the images in my "Decaying Dreams" series, click here:

Please pass it on guys!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Point Loma's 1915 Race Re-lived...

What is old is new again, so they say. Earlier this year I got word that for Balboa Parks Centennial they were going to re-drive the same course that was raced in 1915. Naturally the best place to start the reenactment was at the San Diego Automotive Museum in San Diego's Balboa Park. The back story on this, was the race was being held in 1915 to bring attention to the Panama-California Exposition, in the new City Park. More on this later...

I researched a good location a few days earlier, to what I hoped would make a great shot. Here's a capture just before one of the cars crossed the Cabrillo Bridge.
1912 Packard 7080 CC heading to the Cabrillo Bridge. Image, © John Straub

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Other Places to Keep in Touch...

Out on the road making my way to the Carmel-by-the-Sea Concour, I was able to do a photo shoot with my patina covered 1967 911, and grab some cool images. Here's one I'll share, and in a world of connectivity, some others have been posted on other social media sites. I guess the point of this is to say, if you're on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can find me there too...

1967 Porsche 911. This was shot in Ventura, CA.
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Could James Dean's Spyder be Found...

With the 60th anniversary of James Deans infamous death, "The long-lost – and some say cursed -- car that James Dean died in may soon be found, if a half-century old memory can be believed. The 24-year-old Hollywood star was killed when the Porsche 550 Spyder he was driving to an automobile race near Monterey, and scheduled to compete in, collided with a Ford Tudor coupe at an intersection in Cholame, Calif., on Sept. 30, 1955.

 Nicknamed “Little Bastard,” the tiny Porsche was totaled in the crash. The wreck was sold to one of Dean’s competitors, who removed the engine and other useable components, then passed what was left to famed car customizer George Barris. Dean’s car gained the reputation of being cursed in the wake of several incidents over the years, including the death of a racer whose car reportedly was built using some of its parts. After shelving plans to restore the Porsche, Barris began lending it to the National Safety Council to use to promote car safety, and showing it at automotive events. While being shipped back to Los Angeles from Miami in 1960, it mysteriously disappeared from the locked container it was in, either on a train or truck, depending on the report. Since then, the mysterious car’s whereabouts have been unknown.

The day of the fatal crash....

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

End of a Run... Porsche 918

After 21 months of building, the last Porsche 918 rolled off the production line in Zuffenhausen. The super-car was built with the idea that it would be a limited edition, with only 918 units being produced. To that end, it pioneered innovations that will help Porsche continue as a high performance builder. Porsche has stated that those innovations found in the 918 like adaptive aerodynamics and rear axle steering have already made their way down to the next generations of 911s. I say, good on them!

Back before the super sports car made its way into owners hands here in the states, I was able to get a photo shoot. The one you see, is my favorite. It's the "bling power" of the engine lid that drew me. I can't think of any other machine out there that has the exhaust venting out like this, truly looks like something from outer space.

I did a face mounted acrylic of this for a friend, that won an award at the annual Porsche Parade, and I gotta' say, I think it's awesome! If you have a 918 or know of others that do, please share this post with them. Prints are available at this link on my photo site: